Since 1997, the Arizona Journal of Hispanic Cultural Studies has been publishing insightful essays on the relationships between market forces, politics and culture in Spain, Latin America, Africa, Asia and the Chicano and Latino United States.


Special issues have included titles such as:

  • Market Matters
  • The Hispanic Atlantic
  • Equatorial Guinea and Spanish Letters
  • La península híbrida / Nationalisms
  • Barcelona and the Projection of Catalonia
  • On the Border
  • Madrid Writing / Reading Madrid
  • La Movida de Madrid
  • Nuevas tecnologías y lo literario
  • Violence in the 21st Century 
  • Transnational Histories and Cultures of the Americas & Temporalities in Latin American Film
  • Disability Studies in the Hispanic World
  • Exploration of Everyday Life
  • Affect, Bodies and Circulation in Contemporary Latin American Film
  • Iberian Populisms 
  • Urban Space: Contesting Inequality and Constructing Citizenship in the Lusophone World 
  • Ecología y estudios culturales ibéricos en el siglo XXI
  • Renacimientos en tiempos de crisis
  • Cine rural: representación cinematográfica del campo hasta la España vacía de hoy
  • The Limits of Representation in Spanish Theater


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